Iraq Transit

iraq-transit-turkey-mersinWe provide reliable, professional and secure transportation services and operations for all kinds of transit cargo to Iraq whether it is regular transit trade, reconstruction, project cargo or humanitarian aid cargo. We guarante best quality of handling service all of above with equal efficiency.


Truck transport of cargo to destinations in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and C.I.S countries

Transshipment of containers and vehicles from Mersin port to Iraq Zakho, Dohuk, Erbil, Suleymaniyah, Kerkuk, Bagdad, Kerbela, Necef, Umm Qasr, Basra.

All port operation including;
– Unstuffing cargo from cntr under our supervising
– Stuffing into truck under our supervising
– Arrange on-carriage by container
( without unsttuffing / stuffingc argo)
• Transit clerance
• Inspection
• Handling COC on yourbehalf if necessary
• Warehousing( Bonded/ Unbonded)